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Younis Khan responds to Ramiz Raja’s comments about ‘controlling temperament’

Former Pakistan skipper and batting coach for the upcoming tour of England, Younis Khan, has claimed that he is now more flexible and humble as a person while responding to compatriot and commentator Ramiz Raja’s comments about his personality.

The 42-year-old said that all opinions should be respected while adding that some form of aggression is the key to a good player.

“We should take each other’s opinions seriously and respect them. If he [Ramiz Raja] said something we should listen and not react. Since this question has been raised, if I look at my past, in all incidents if a person does not have aggression they cannot achieve a lot for their team or themselves,” said Younis Khan in a recent Youtube video.

“Currently if we talk about the best in the world if you look at Kohli and his aggression on the field, that helps him. Look at the likes of Javed Miandad and Imran Khan, when they played their aggression on the field was visible for all. The main reason for my aggression in the past was that I was playing. Now my role is different,” he added.

Earlier, on his youtube channel, Ramiz Raja had advised newly appointed batting coach Younis to figure out the demands of his new job and adjust his personality accordingly.

“Since Younis is a no-nonsense kind of a character, so he can also have temperament issues at times. He often has mood swings and there is always a danger of him getting upset and leaving his job,” said Raja.

Meanwhile, Younis also said that he has become more flexible and humble as a person now as compared to his playing days.

“When you have so much experience and you know about what you are doing, I am also a level two coach. I have done a lot of charity fundraising since I retired as well. You learn a lot from this. When you express yourself while asking for donations you gain a lot of perspectives. One should never forget where they are from regardless of their achievements. People have called me humble in the past. I learned to be even more humble and more flexible during the stage after my retirement,” he said.

Younis went onto say would try his best to keep his cool while allowing for a healthy atmosphere in the dressing room.

“As a batting coach I have to make sure to remain calm myself and keep the players calm while providing them a suitable atmosphere in which they can perform,” he concluded.

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