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Virat Kohli reveals the thing that gives him extra motivation on the field

Virat Kohli is considered a living legend for a reason. The Delhi-born batting icon has shown unmatched levels of consistency and mental strength over the years.

One amazing aspect of Kohli’s batting is that he always seems pumped up. Hardly do we ever witness the Indian skipper in a nervous state of mind on the field. Kohli, on Monday, revealed the things that give him extra motivation while hes out on the crease.

Kohli took part in a live session with his Bangladesh counterpart Tamim Iqbal, where the Bangladesh opener asked him about the keys to success. The Indian captain hilariously went on to say that the constant blabbering behind the stumps from the likes of Mushfiqur Rahim pumps him up to do well every time he takes the field.

“Process is simple. Sometimes the likes of Mushy will help too by saying something from behind the stumps and then I get extra motivation,” he said.

Further speaking on his mindset while chasing down, Virat Kohli told Tamim that a player should have the belief to chase down any kind of totals.

“You have to have the confidence that you can do it. I always tell the youngsters that they need to have the confidence that they can do it. When I was young, I used to watch the matches and I used to be convinced that the matches India did not win, I would have been able to win those matches. I went to bed with that kind of feeling.

So, when I am in such a situation [chasing], there is that joy that comes out. That pure intent, I mean. Chasing has a very clear scenario where you know how many runs you need to get and what you need to do to attain that. Even when you need 370 or 380, I feel like it’s gettable,” Kohli said.

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