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Virat Kohli reveals his honest thoughts on cricket behind closed doors

Virat Kohli may not fully support the idea of cricket behind closed doors but he doesn’t entirely oppose it either. Highlighting the impact of a live audience, the Indian skipper reckons a cricket match without a crowd is just not the same, but if the game is to have a restart, playing inside closed doors seems like the way forward.

“It’s quite a possible situation, it might happen, I honestly don’t know how everyone is going to take that because we all are used to playing in front of so many passionate fans, I know it will be played at a very good intensity but that feeling of the crowd connecting with the players and the tension of the game where everyone goes through it in the stadium, those emotions are very difficult to recreate,” Kohli said on the Cricket Connected Show on Star Sports.” said Kohli.

The last international match to be played before sporting events were postponed or cancelled as a result of the coronavirus was the opening ODI between Australia and New Zealand, which was played at an empty Sydney Cricket Ground. Cricket inside closed doors is an idea that has been considered– firstly by the IPL governing council, later followed by the ICC and authorities of various cricket boards when they met last month to discuss the resumption of cricket internationally. And while doing so is certainly an idea, Kohli feels the lack of crowd will take the charm away from the game.

“Things will still go on, but I doubt that one will feel that magic happening inside because of the atmosphere that was created. We will play sports how it is supposed to be played, but those magical moments will be difficult to come by,” Kohli added

As for Kohli himself, the skipper has tried keeping himself occupied during quarantine. He has notably taken part in Instagram Live sessions with former cricketers Kevin Pietersen and AB de Villiers over the last few weeks.

“I am keeping myself positive and happy and just looking forward in life so that whenever I return to the game, I know I will be in a good position to start from where we left,” he said

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