Top 8 Most Searched Cricketers of 2020

Cricket may not be as globally popular as football, but it sure has a mammoth following, particularly in Asia. The fact that Virat Kohli has become one of the most followed athletes on Instagram highlights the growth of cricket in the recent past. Also, there has been a significant growth in the cricket content generally.

Fans love searching about cricket news, be it general gossip or statistics of their favorite players. As per a study by SEMrush, here are the top 8 most searched cricketers in 2020 so far.


8.Chris Matthews – 410,000 searches

7.Sachin Tendulkar – 540,000 searches


6.Hardik Pandya – 670,000 searches

5.Josh Richards – 710,000 searches

4.George Mackay – 910,000 searches


3.MS Dhoni – 940,000 searches

2.Rohit Sharma – 970,000 searches


1.Virat Kohli – 16,20,000 searches

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