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Shaun Pollock explains how use of saliva wont be risky

It seems unlikely that the International Cricket Council (ICC) will take a U-turn from the saliva ban but former South Africa speedster Shaun Pollock has just made an interesting point.

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The legendary paceman, despite being a member of the ICC cricket committee, gave current swing bowlers a glimmer of hope by suggesting health checks in place for next month’s behind closed doors three-Test series between England and the West Indies might make the ban useless.

“I think the environment that’ll end up being created is almost going to be like a bubble,” Pollock told the Following On Cricket Podcast.

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“People will get tested, they’ll go into a two-week camp where they’re just going to sit and monitor how the conditions of their bodies change. And if there are no symptoms, it doesn’t really matter about shining the ball then, because you’re in the bubble and no one you come into contact with will have coronavirus. So you can just get on with normal proceedings.” he added.

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It is to be known that an International Cricket Council (ICC) board meeting on Wednesday could see the apex body uphold a recommendation to prohibit the use of saliva in order to stop the transmission of the coronavirus.

Bowlers traditionally get the ball to move or swing in the air, thereby making it harder for batsmen to hit, by applying shine to one side using either sweat or saliva.

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However, as a temporary measure to contain the spread of the coronavirus, the ICC’s cricket committee has suggested banning the use of the centuries old tradition.

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