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Shahid Afridi finally talks about joining politics

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Former Pakistan skipper Shahid Afridi has finally responded to the long-running rumors about him joining the world of politics.

Afridi recently addressed a press conference at the Quetta Chamber of Commerce and Industry in which is talked on various social issues.

“I don’t have any plans of starting a political career,” said Afridi while replying to a question about a possible political stint in the future.

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“Only Almighty Allah knows what the future has in store for me. Today is a beautiful day for me and only He knows what will happen to me tomorrow so please don’t come and say that I have taken a U-turn.” he added.

Afridi, who famously won the World T20 for Pakistan in 2009, said further said that Balochistan has played a key role in tourism and trade sectors. He went on to say that the content is full of raw talent.


“The outside world will seek aid from Pakistan the day when the province stands on its feet.”

Boom Boom also said all he saw in Balochistan upon every visit was poverty.

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“I have brought my children here to see how beautiful the province is.”

He questioned why the law and order situation in Balochistan is being allowed to get deteriorated by allowing a third party take advantage of the situation.

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“The people here should reach to a consensus through unity,” Afridi urged.

Lala requested asked the non-government organisations to come forward and play their role in resolving the province’s problems. The legendary all-rounder finally concluded by saying that he wants to educate the youth of Balochistan, and help find and support the immense cricketing talent in the region.

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