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Rashid Latif reveals the biggest regret of his life

Former Pakistan International Rashid Latif has been pro-active on Social Media ever since the coronavirus pandemic brought cricketing action to a halt.

The veteran wicket-keeper batsman, in a recent tv show, talked about the biggest regret of his life. Latif said that he should have put his son into playing cricket, probably the most followed game in Asia right now.

While taking part in ‘Sports Room’ Eid Special, Latif revealed his biggest regret in life to date.

“The biggest regret of my life, I didn’t let my son play cricket, I should have. Everyone’s sons have been playing cricket so my son could also have played it. Actually, there was fear somewhere that at a certain point people will put me behind his status,” he said.

Comparing the careers of today’s youngster and the one’s during his time, Latif said that today’s generation can’t understand the struggle and hard work the players used to face in earlier times.

“It is hard for our children to face such situations which we had used to face. In fact, I don’t want my son to be in those struggling phases through which I suffered in my early career days,” he concluded.

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