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Pakistan Umpire Asad Rauf Reveals Why He Was Banned from IPL

Nadeem Ghauri, who was banned for four years in 2013 over an alleged corruption case, and Asad Rauf, who was banned for five years by BCCI on charges of corruption and misconduct in 2016, opened up on their respective cases.

“That incident in IPL was blown out of proportion and the local police did not any concrete evidence against me. The Mumbai court called me for a hearing but I was unable to go due to visa issues, which resulted in a one-sided judgment against me,” said Rauf.

Here’s the Full Interview of the 2 former Umpires (Credit: Cricket Pakistan)

“I was banned over a Skype conversation but the content of that correspondence never materialised on the field. ICC referred my case to PCB and the latter banned me four years. I even appealed but that was also rejected,” said Ghauri.


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