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Pakistan players are worried and anxiously waiting after getting tested again

The Pakistan players are reportedly worried and anxiously waiting for the outcome of their coronavirus retests. Several players have reportedly have locked themselves in their rooms in Lahore, wanting to stay isolated ahead of a much-anticipated tour of England.

The players will receive guidelines today regarding anti-corruption and the usage of social media during their upcoming tour of England.

According to sources, 10 positive tests have left the other players deeply worried. The Men in Green are now taking extensive precautionary measures. Players, who had been cleared during the first phase of testing on Monday, underwent the tests once again on Thursday. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) will air the results on Saturday.

According to reports, the players are refraining from meeting one another as opposed to when things were normal before the coronavirus pandemic. The players, on Thursday, walked out of their rooms for the tests, photoshoot and lectures only.

The board had already sent the precautionary guidelines, however, the squad seems to be more scared of the dreaded since many players who showed symptoms ended up testing positive. They do not want to be left out of the tour of England because of small errors.

The players will undergo an ECG test on Friday. At noon, a PCB anti-corruption official will instruct the players to steer clear of suspicious individuals. Interactions, of any kind, will be severely limited in the bio-secure atmospheres in England; however, the players will still be reminded of the evils of corruption.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) had earlier warned that bookies will try to approach players through social media channels. PCB’s Director Media Samiul Hasan Burney will discuss the matter while providing the official guidelines to the players in this regard.

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