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Kite flying at stadium may have proven costly for Islamabad players

Police raid Rawalpindi stadium for kites

Islamabad United players celebrated their breathtaking win over Lahore with kite flying upon arriving at the Rawalpindi stadium for training.

However, it may have proven costly for the men in red, because the police raided the stadium and confiscated all the kites and strings used in the process.

Check out the video here

They’re all having the time of their lives, no? Kite-flying was once a beautiful part of the Province of Punjab. People from all over the country, and millions from around the globe used to visit to Punjab to celebrate the Basant festival. The tradition was barred in 2007 to control the number of accidents that used to happen because of the kite-flying sport.

But it seems as if nothing could stop the Islamabad United players from celebrating their win against Lahore on Sunday. Allrounder Faheem Ashraf and match hero Muhammad Musa can been seen in the video flying kites like professionals.

When asked about jumping straight from cricket to kite flying Faheem Ashraf said:

“I have been a huge fan of kite-flying since I was a little kid. My mother didn’t let me go out much when I was a kid, therefore I used to go up on the roof and fly kites all day”.

Meanwhile, Musa, who scored an absolute blinder of an innings to get his side over the line against Lahore on Sunday, said:

“The people of Pindi celebrated Basant a little while ago, so we thought why should we miss out on the fun?”

Meanwhile, a police officer is noticed walking into the ground and getting hold of the kites which the United players were flying. Were the men in red fined for violating the law? Let us know in the comments.

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