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Indian batsman claims he has ‘5 girl friends in the bag’

For any those who love batting, their willows hold a special place in their hearts. There are cricketers like Steve Smith, Sachin Tendulkar and Kane Williamson who are pretty enthusiastic about the different specs of their bats.

However, Indian International Manish Pandey, seems to have taken his love for bats to a whole new level.

“In many ways, my bat is like a girlfriend, especially when I’m playing my matches and my actual girlfriend [now wife] isn’t around. I even end up having ‘fights’ with my bat. I tell my bat that it has changed when I start to edge balls and it replies right back, ‘I think it’s you who’s changed!’,” Manish said during the latest episode of Spicy Pitch.

Pandey belonged to the same U19 class of 2008 which won the World Cup as Virat Kohli, and Ravindra Jadeja. The trio would go on to become regulars in the Indian fold. As a matter of fact, Pandey was the first Indian to score an IPL ton, which came in Centurion back in 2009.

“I have 5 girlfriends in my bag — each of them is special for different occasions. For example, the bat with which I scored my IPL century is what I call my ‘shadow’ bat. I use it whenever I need a confidence booster or to prep for a big moment,” Pandey joked.

Pandey also opened up on one of his superstitions.

“I don’t know of any cricketer who doesn’t have superstitions. For me, if I play an exceptional inning with one bat, I tend to keep using it. It almost becomes like a good luck charm.” he revealed.

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