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Ian Botham describes his intense experience with Covid-19

Former England captain Ian Botham has believes that he had contracted the dreaded coronavirus at the turn of the year but had thought of it to a ‘bad case of flu’.

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc around the world and has infected more than 311,000 people in the UK, with 43,000 people in the country losing their lives so far.

“I think the thing to remember is that six months ago no-one even knew what this was, hadn’t heard of it,” Botham said on the show Good Morning Britain as per

“I’ve actually had it. I had it at the end of December, beginning of January, and I thought I had a bad case of flu. It’s amazing how long it has been around, we don’t know all the details. It was very much a sort of in the dark, let’s see what happens. I think people have been responding extremely well. I hope they show a bit more patience over the next couple of weeks or so, so we can get to a situation where everybody can move around.” he added.

Botham also opened up about the possible return of club cricket in the country. It is to be known that club cricket remains suspended in view of the pandemic despite international cricket given a green flag amid these circumstances.

“I think cricket will be back very shortly. I believe there is a couple of meetings coming up where the decisions will be made,” said Botham.

“From my point of view, speaking to the boys at Durham, they are back in training, they are very, very keen to get out there and play, as any young sportsman.

There is talk about whether it is white ball or red ball cricket – it should be both, all aspects of the game should come back,” the legendary all-rounder concluded.

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