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Former Indian cricketer supports Misbah’s opinion on World Test Championship

Former Indian cricketer supports Misbah’s opinion on World Test Championship

Former Indian International Aakash Chopra has stepped in support of Pakistan’s head coach-cum-chief selector Misbahul Haq’s opinion on treating all teams equally in the International Cricket Council (ICC) World Test Championship (WTC) when cricket restarts after the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Earlier this week, Misbah had called for the resumption of the World Test Championship even if it means extending its initial 2021 deadline.

“All teams need to be given the same opportunities and the tournament shouldn’t be shortened. The championship can be prolonged so that every team gets all the scheduled games. It’s not a problem if the tournament goes beyond 2021. You won’t get the complete picture if some teams play all their games and others don’t.” Misbah said in a video conference

While talking in a YouTube video, Chopra stressed that the international cricket governing body can’t just split the points of the postponed series between differently matched teams.

“Misbah is absolutely right. I am with him on this one. First of all World Test Championship is already flawed because India is going to Australia but Australia is not coming to India. Similarly, England is coming to India but India will not go to England and India is not playing Pakistan, so how is that right?” Chopra questioned.

The former Indian player added that splitting the points between two giant nations like India and Australia makes sense, but it doesnt in the case of Bangladesh and India.

“I understand that maybe ICC didn’t have enough time, because Future Tours Programme had already been decided and they wanted the WTC to get going, so for once you can understand. But now if ICC cancel the other remaining series and ask the teams to split their points and move on, it won’t be right. Splitting the points makes sense in a series between India and Australia but not when it concerns India and Bangladesh. If you want to maintain the sanctity of WTC, then treat it fairly Misbah said,” Chopra added.

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