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Dont compare PSL with IPL: Salman Iqbal

Karachi Kings’ owner Salman Iqbal believes that the Pakistan Super League (PSL) shouldn’t blindly follow in the footsteps of the world’s most cash-rich T20 competition, the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Iqbal, who acquired the Kings franchise for US$26 million for a 10 year period in 2015, compared the PSL with IPL. He also mentioned the addition of more teams in Pakistan’s Premier T20 bout.

“If we look at the IPL, they have eight teams and the total tournament takes around 50 days which is somewhat long. In my view though, Pakistan is not ready to add more teams in the PSL and I say that not just because of the long length of the tournament but also due to the fact that our market lacks the financial maturity to handle this scenario,” said Iqbal.

“If six teams are finding it so hard to survive in financial terms at the moment, then the problems will only compound if more teams are added to the mix. And I don’t think we can blindly follow the IPL model as in their case, a lion’s share of revenue is given to the team on whose home ground the game is being played on, whereas in the PSL all teams equally share the proceeds for every game.

So, for the moment, in my view, six teams should suffice in PSL until a better mechanism of sharing revenues is found for all concerned,” he added.

Iqbal went on to say that the PSL has a bright future and can reach the level of the IPL.

“There is no doubt in my mind that PSL is by far the largest and most well-known product that Pakistan has to offer to its own people and the world. And to me, we are yet to see the true potential of this product and we are all convinced that it can go beyond its position as the second-best league behind the IPL,” he concluded.

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