Brett Lee gives his opinion on saliva ban in latest ICC guidelines

Veteran Australian speedster, Brett Lee, while opining on ICC’s latest guidelines, has said that the ban on usage of saliva on cricket balls will be hard to implement. The fast bowling legend believes it will be very hard to get rid of something that you’ve been doing since your childhood.

Speaking on Star Sports’ show Cricket Connected, Brett Lee said:

“When you have done something your whole life from 8,9, 10 years of age where you lick your fingers and you put on the ball, it’s very hard to change that overnight too.”

Lee, who represented his national team across 76 Tests and 221 ODIs, appealed to ICC to show some leniency towards the rule as bowlers need time to adjust to new habits.

“So, I think there’s going to be a couple of occasions, or there’s going to be some leniency I think from the ICC, where there may be warnings. It’s a great initiative, it’s going to be very hard to implement I think because cricketers have done this for their whole life,” he added.

Recently, India international Ravichandran Ashwin had also expressed quite a similar opinion towards the ban on usage of salvia. The off-spinner had pointed out applying saliva on the cricket ball is a habit and such habits tend to require some time to change

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