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BCCI treasure blasts people for calling IPL a ‘money-making machine’

Ever since its famous inauguration in 2008, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has turned into one of the world’s top sporting events. The popularity the tournament has grown by miles over the last 10 years or so. The much-awaited 13th edition of the IPL was scheduled to start from March 29 this year but the tournament was called off due to the menace of the coronavirus.


Keeping the current global situation in mind, the feasibility of the cash-rich league still looks bleak. Several reports have claimed that the BCCI is trying its best to host the tournament in the latter part of the year to avoid an anticipated loss of INR 4000 crores.

The IPL has often been labelled as a ‘money-making machine’ for the huge amount of investment involved in the high-profile tournament. The tournament has changed the face of T20 cricket but it’s looked as a mere business by many individuals. Many have suspected personal financial gains being the motive of the BCCI to host the tournament this year.

BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal has come out blasted the people who have been questioning the board’s motives and has urged everyone to avoid calling it a ‘money-making’ event.

Dhumal said that India’s Premier T20 bout has provided financial stability to board and the players while also benefiting thousands of people outside the field by providing them jobs. Moreover, IPL has also boosted the travel and tourism industry, as per Dhumal.

“This whole talk that IPL is a money-making machine, so be it. Who takes that money? That money goes to the players, that money doesn’t go to any office bearers. That money goes to the welfare of the nation, the travel and tourism industry, in terms of industries being revived, in terms of taxes being paid,” Dhumal told Cricbuzz.

“So why opposition for the money? Money is paid to the players and all those people who are there to organise the tournament. Media has to change the stance and tell about the benefit of this tournament that is happening.

If BCCI is paying thousands of crores in taxes, it is going in nation-building, it is not going to Mr Sourav Ganguly or Mr Jay Shah or myself. Right? So you should be happy if money is being made rather than money being spent on sports,” he added.

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