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Imagine having a healthy life, not a thing to worry about but suddenly, some unfortunate accident happens. This sure isn’t easy to imagine but we can’t fight fat, that is why we must be prepared for every situation that life will be planning for us.

Healthcare can be a very costly process unless you have insurance to cover all the bills. Today, we will be talking about California Covered, that is the health insurance in California provided by the government with a subsidy on obamacare.
The reason to create this health exchange was to provide the citizens a marketplace to cover their medical expenses according to the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

In 2010, this act was passed and all the states of America were given a right to choose between state run health insurance or federally operated health insurance programs. California chose to go for its own health exchange program called Covered California. If you are from California, looking for health insurance, the first thing you need to do is to check if you are eligible for it or not.

Covered California will allow you to get free or a very low cost healthcare facility if you can’t afford it. Not just for individuals, you can get a suitable program for your family if you are eligible and get help for your healthcare.

Eligibility Criteria for Covered California If you are wondering whether you can apply for the Covered California or not, here is the eligibility criteria based on which you get healthcare coverage.

California Covered only provides coverage to US nationals, citizens and permanent residents when they are eligible for the minimum requirements. If you don’t have any coverage for a month or two, you could have to pay some tax penalties. Following are the individuals in the US living legally,

 US nationals and citizens
 Permanent residents with green card
 Temporary residents
 People getting away from refugees or asylees.
 Immigrants with temporary protection under humanitarian law
 Non-immigrants with student or worker visa

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