Can you develop 3D games with React Native

If your question is if you can develop 3D games with React Native or not? Well, the answer is not very clear because it totally depends upon the type of game you are building. In fact, we don’t think React Native will be a good idea for 3D games.

On the other hand, 2D games will be created perfectly using react native if you want a game for both iOS and Android. React Native can be a great option to develop your own mobile apps for both platforms but we can’t say much about it being a good program for games.

In fact, if you are looking to develop a game, we will suggest you move towards other technologies and programs that are perfect for the game, taking the example of Unity. If you use these technologies, you will end up with getting many more features and your workload will be a lot lesser because the process is easy and consistent with them, while that is not the case with React Native.

There are many great programs to develop 3D games like 3D graphics, sound management, and physics engine.
In fact, we think that there are cases when React Native can be a great program to develop a game with great results. Although using RN for 3D games is not always the best idea, other technologies are better for that than this one.

When to Use React Native?
 For 2D graphics
 To create easy interaction for the user
 For games based on image or text like puzzles and board games
 For east platform Games

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