Access To Information And Knowledge In Post-War Reconstruction In Sierra Leone

It is often said that we live in an ‘Data Age’. The heads of the USA discuss an Information Superhighway; the EU of an Information Society; scholastics discuss an organization society, and information economy’. Driving business planners contend that Knowledge is supplanting monetary capital as a secret weapon for organizations.

The current acknowledgment is that any general public that endeavors to create requires progressively more data and information exercises as these work with the estimation of progress in each structure holding the system together. What do we comprehend by the terms INFORMATION and KNOWLEDGE?

Data and information Two ways of thinking exist. We will in general think that Information and Knowledge are equivalent and are subsequently utilized between variably. Anyway there is a distinction. Data is normally a choice of archives/thoughts in a specific subject or scope of subjects which could conceivably have been processed fundamentally.

It along these lines has the capability of becoming Knowledge. Information, then again, can be of two sorts: implicit and express, the last having more prominent similitude with Information yet not only so. An assortment of books, for instance, might be depicted as a group of information and each archive addressing educated thoughts that are probably going to impact others when processed. Such information, when procured serves, among others, as encounters, thoughts and abilities as Tacit Knowledge.

Data is one of the guideline wellsprings of information. It is shared information, having been imparted and ordinarily got by study and examination. Lessen (1988) alluded to data as insight and information that adds to the social, monetary, social and political prosperity of society, regardless of the structure it is engraved (eg text; figures); medium put away (eg paper, attractive tapes); method of spread (eg oral, composed); cultural action that leads to it(eg exploration, enumeration); and the establishments that sort out and disperse it( eg library and data focus).

Information, then again, is the thing that one knows. Davenport and Prusak (1998) characterized it as a liquid blend of outlined encounters, values, relevant data and master bits of knowledge that give a system to assessing and consolidating new encounters and data. In other words Knowledge includes human response to data.

For example in case one can comprehend basic composed depiction to a specific disease, that is data. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that we felt that somebody was experiencing that sickness, the greater part of us would recommend that the individual went to see a clinical specialist. This is on the grounds that the specialist has an assortment of information which is a blend of data about that disease, data about the human body, about different sicknesses and encounters of comparable cases and preparing.

Data and Knowledge are among the world’s most significant assets required every day to take care of issues and settle on choices influencing what’s to come. As per Mchombu (1995),for any local area to work effectively and beneficially, a fundamental least load of usable data is fundamental.

Aboyade (1987) set that sufficient data is fundamental for fortifying the connection between the markers and the recipients of advancement exertion, and for causing country individuals to comprehend and like the advantages of the improvement projects to their lives.

What individuals achieve in associations, he added, relies generally on the data and information they have. Progressively the level of achievement appreciated by associations and individuals who work for them relies upon how well they deal with their data and information. These are the essential resources of the undertaking.

The Civil War The very long term common conflict (1991-2001) which made untold experiencing individuals of Sierra Leone was established in numerous long stretches of bad form, terrible administration, debasement and mis-administration.

At present the nation is in the pains of post-war recreation with government’s most formative difficulties being majority rules system and great administration, further developed economy, wellbeing, schooling, mining, common freedoms and food security, rustic turn of events, hostile to debasement and further developed street foundation. These difficulties require:

o viable policy implementation and monetary administration

o advancement of feasible assembling, administration and unfamiliar exchange

o tackling of Science and Technology including Indigenous Knowledge.

These structure the premise of the country’s Vision 2025.

To work with the before referenced admittance to data and information accepts a focal job. A quick chronicled reference is sufficient to validate this view. At the point when the common conflict broke out in 1991 the authority clarification shared by Sierra Leoneans was that it was an encounter between Charles Taylor’s NPFL warriors and Sierra Leone officers over a deal.

Barely was there any data on the genuine character of the RUF, their philosophy, extreme destinations and functional procedure and the worldwide element of their exercises. Thus the conflict was not given the consideration it merited.

The absence of information or adequate data was considered a portion of the terms used to allude to the RUF in any event, when the conflict gobbled up the country. Indeed, lamentably, even the main drivers of the contention were not appropriately perceived or broke down to shape the establishment for harmony drive. In this manner the nation was annihilated to total surrender.

Admittance to data and information is irreplaceable to singular progression just as to public development. The right data gave when it is required, where it is required and the structure in which it is required, works on the capacity of an individual and business, an administration office or some sort of association to settle on educated choices and accomplish specific objectives.

The additional worth that is gotten from admittance to data and information is that the country will benefit and it will require some investment to be reflected in our yield as people, as establishments inside a nation, and as a country overall. What we produce, burn-through and trade as a country decides our status comparable to others across the world. It is the degree that we can be inventive in our individual circles of action that decides how well or gravely, we perform against others. The UNDP says everything.

The idea of admittance to data and information in Sierra Leone has confined application and translation. It is worried about the hardware of advancing writers and different media offices with admittance to those constituent components in news making and conveyance. Barely any notice is made about admittance to data and information outside these boundaries.

Tragically this much discussed admittance is seriously compelled by many components to incorporate frail correspondence frameworks, low proficiency level, neediness, detached and generalized administrations offered in libraries focused on gave book assortment, language boundaries or more all the absence of political will to carry specific sorts of data to public information.

The library scene in Sierra Leone Libraries deserve admiration in the public eye as storage facilities of information. Their worth is recognized without reservation as immense amounts of cash are spent on them particularly in cutting edge nations for the arrangement of convenient and precise data.

Sierra Leone’s library scene is comprised of public/public, school, scholarly, instructor trade school, polytechnic and unique libraries, documentation, data and asset focuses. These organizations change in size and intricacy and all in all they are the establishment on which a cross country data network is to be constructed in case they are to give compelling admittance to data and information in the nation’s post-war remaking time.

It is, in any case, deplorable to state here that these foundations are not creating as indicated by public arrangement and thus their development keeps on being lopsided and needs attachment. Additionally monetary help isn’t staying up with expanding cost; the libraries are under expanded strain to give an assistance in more breath and profundity to a wide scope of customer base that shift in age, schooling and interests.

Job OF LIBRARIANS IN PROMOTING ACCESS TO INFORMATION AND KNOWLEDGE Not withstanding these issues custodians have a section to play to put the country on a sound formative balance, particularly with the arrangement of admittance to data and information.

Custodians consider themselves to be prepared for thought as fundamental accomplices in public turn of events. They see themselves as information arranged experts prepared not exclusively to deal with what we regularly allude to as Explicit Knowledge for example printed and general media materials, yet in addition to check out their customers to the degree of offering types of assistance that could bear some significance with them.

Well beyond all they are capable at giving request in a generally dislocated assortment of material to work with simple reach. Sierra Leone is confronted with a scope of issues like natural sterilization, vote based system and great administration, neediness mitigation, food security, wellbeing, chronic drug use, joblessness harmony and compromise, injury recuperating and crime percentage.

Combined with these is a variety of discrete gatherings of clients to incorporate ex-soldiers, war amputees, ladies and kids, ranchers, craftsmen, market ladies, the older, cultivators and Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs), every one of whom need data and information on differed kind on the best way to procure and work on their abilities, data on the financial matters of their exchanges, advertising methodologies, admittance to social and political data.

Political data is of central significance as come July 28, 2007 the nation will have a General Election to decide in favor of another Head of State and his Vice, Parliamentarians and a Referendum to revise the 1991 Constitution.

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