Viewing MLS Listings Personally (mls degree)

After finding what might become your next home in the MLS listings, one of the next steps will be to go and see it for yourself.

Viewing a house though isn’t a matter of only using your eyes. If it were, you could just send a surveyor with a camera and check his photographs afterwards (mls degree). While the condition of the house is of course important, with problems like damp or hairline cracks a big red flag, viewing a house also requires you to use your ears, nose, and a certain intuition that is hard to describe.

When viewing a property from the MLS listings or anywhere else, you need to ask yourself, “Could my family and I actually live here?”

Impersonal Viewing When you walk into a property for the first time, it’s a good idea to leave your emotions outside (mls degree). Falling in love with a house at first sight is in some ways a good sign, although it could lead to you downplaying or overlooking problems that would put you off other places.

Telling yourself it’s a property rather than a home and thinking of it as an inspection rather than a viewing may help you to separate your head from your heart.

Deliberately making the viewing more businesslike can also help you to relax and encourage you to take your time while asking each and every question you had prepared and written down. You did write them down, didn’t you?

The Second Paragraph When viewing the house you found on the MLS listings, perhaps the most important thing you can take with you is a second opinion (mls degree). However observant you may think you’re being, you’re always likely to miss something, and if you love the house so much that you can’t think as clearly as you should be doing, your second opinion can help to keep your feet on the ground.

No owner of any property found on the MLS listings will expect you to decide after one viewing, so give your feelings time to digest and go back to see if there’s anything you missed, ideally at a different time of day than before.

Be they opinions or viewings, when looking at new property, every second counts. Living the Dream You may have found what initially looks like your dream home on the MLS listings, but have you really thought about what it would be like to live there, day after day.

There’s no doubt you have thought about it, but have you really thought about it? Detach yourself from your dreams and come back to reality for a minute (mls degree). Is there enough storage space for all your belongings?

If you enjoy having friends or family stay over, is there a room you can set aside or guests? Does there look to be enough power points, and will their location mean arranging your furniture in a way you won’t necessarily like?

Which direction is the house facing? Depending on this, you might find your bedroom bathed in glorious sunshine every morning while your living room witnesses the sunset every evening (mls degree). Alternatively, depending on the direction your house faces, you could miss out on both.

You can always fix the small things (mls degree). You can change the faucets or repaint the kitchen, but you can’t turn your house round 90 degrees.

Finding a great property on the MLS listings is just the start (mls degree). Before you do anything else, you’ll have to go and see it for yourself, with your observations based firmly in reality.

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