Difference between flutter and react-native

If we talk about the most popular programs to develop a mobile app for both Android and iOS, there are two names, React Native and Flutter.

We will be discussing how these programs are different from each other. Below are stated all the differences that you need to know before you choose one program to develop your app.

Reusable Code React Native You can reuse the code to react native, but can only access a few components, not all of them. Styling a new platform is very time-consuming in React Native. Flutter
Here you can overwrite the code and recycle it. So, for code recycling, Flutter is the better option.

Third-Party Libraries React Native There are many dynamic features available here because it’s a popular program and thus it has many third party packages. Flutter There are many third-party packages available on flutter and their framework is quite efficient.

Popularity React Native Due to the programming language JavaScript, React Native is very famous and has 65k Github stars so you can imagine. Flutter It has 30k Github stars and individually it is very popular. Just that when we compare it to React Native, it lacks here. Google introduced this framework is trying that it gets famous soon.

Community React Native If we talk about the industry, this program has been sitting here for a longer time and is helping a big community online. The JavaScrip experts are all about React Native because they can easily find solutions to many problems through this.

Flutter It is quite new in this industry, but tutorials and guidelines can help you get it.

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