5 Most Embarrassing Moments In IPL History

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has been the World’s Premier domestic cricket competition ever since its launch in 2008. Over the last decade or so, the IPL has been the biggest hub of T20 cricket entertainment for fans and players alike. The league keeps getting better and better with every passing season and it is fair to say that with each new edition comes some sort of drama.

Today, we are going to go down memory lane and relive the 5 most embarrassing moments in IPL history.

1. Danny Morrison lifting up a cheerleader

danny morrison IPL

Morrison is a one of the most renowned cricket presenters in the world. He is seen playing his pranks for various cricking leagues all over the globe and has been a regular feature in the IPL too.

The former Kiwi pacer is a fun-loving person with his approach both on the field and on the mic.

Hence, it is no surprise that a jolly person like him could sometimes take things a little overboard with his humor and enjoymen. Before any game, Danny often provides the pitch report. However, on one such occasion, he lifted a cheerleader up on his shoulders.

Former Pakistan World cup winning batsman Ramiz Raja was also alongside him during the pitch analysis. In the end, Morrison gave the mic to all 5 cheerleaders, who said Ramiz’s first name.

2. Danny Morrison lifting Karishma Kotak and dancing

danny morrison

Its him again. It seems as if the IPL really is Danny Morrison’s ultimate party-ground. On this instance, he showed his fun-loving side with Karishma Kotak, the stunning British-Indian model while commentating during a preview of an IPL game.

To start with, Karishma moved closer to him and put her hand over his left shoulder normally. Morrison was never going to let that chance go and lifted Karishma up with his right arm, showcasing his dance moves for a moment there.

Though back then the female host enjoyed it as a fun-loving moment, a situation of such magnitude could lead to a lot of trouble for the kiwi commentator in todays times.

3. IPL Spot-fixing saga

IPL spot fixing

The spot-fixing menace that rocked the cricketing world in 2010, returned with a bang in 2013, this time storming the IPL. 3 names from Rajasthan Royals’ – S Sreesanth, Ajit Chandila, and Ankeet Chavan were taken into custody on the 16th of May in 2013 after being found guilty of spot-fixing during IPL games. The trio spent close to a month in jail.

A full-fledged investigation took place with regards to the case after which all three faced a life ban. In Sreesanth’s case, BCCI cut down his ban to 7 years which makes him eligible to play for India from September 2020 onwards.

4. Harbhajan’s famous slap to Sreesanth

harbhajan slapped sreesanth IPL

Sreesanth has found himself in countless controversies in his short-live cricketing career. One of the most shocking incidents in IPL history was none other than the famous Harbhajan slap on Sreesanth.

During the inaugural edition of the IPL back in 2008, Harbhajan Singh slapped Sreesanth after the fixture between Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab. Harbhajan was playing for the Mumbai Indians while Sreesanth was with Kings XI Punjab.

While the other players normally went ahead with the hand shakes after the game, Sreesanth got a controversial slap from Harbhajan that left the pacer bursting in tears. The off-spinner was banned for the rest of the competition as a result of this incident.

5. Siddarth Mallya’s lip-lock on Deepika Padukone

siddarth mallya

In case you didn’t know, some years back, Deepika Singh was destined to be Deepika Mallya. The Bollywood actress might be currently married to fellow star Ranveer Singh, had been previously dating Siddharth Mallya.

Siddharth is the son of Vijay Mallya, the former owner of Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). Hence, as his girlfriend, Deepika used to accompany him during his team’s fixtures.

In a crunch fixture in Kolkata, after RCB defeated Kolkata Knight Riders after which the couple shared a passionate kiss on the balcony of the Eden Gardens.

The two broke up in 2012 eventually. When asked about this particular matter, Deepika has always stayed silent about it.

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