4 times wicket-keepers bowled and took a wicket in International cricket

Many among the cricket fraternity argue that batsmen are more privileged than bowlers, in terms of being able to receive more praise and kindness. Its safe to say bowling isn’t as easy as it may seem and in the past, many batsmen have tried their hand at bowling.

But it comes as a big surprise when wicket-keepers, who usually can’t bowl due to their keeping duties, try their hand at bowling. Some have even achieved success in their very short career as a bowler. Today we will take a look at 4 times when wicket keepers took the responsibility of bowling and endede up taking wickets in international cricket.

1. Mark Boucher (South Africa)

Mark Boucher is referred to by many as the greatest South African wicket-keeper of all time. His career had a sad ending which many of us clearly remember. Despite that, Boucher had managed to cement his legacy in South African cricket. An interesting fact about Boucher is that he has a Test wicket in his illustrious CV. The wicket-keeper claimed the all-important wicket of Dwayne Bravo, when the allrounder’s partnership with Dwight Washington looked threatening. It was also the last ball that Boucher ever bowled in Test cricket.

2. Tatenda Taibu (Zimbabwe)

The former Zimbabwe captain could very well make his case to be the most successful wicket-keeper who also bowled in International cricket. Taibu claimed 3 international scalps 2 in ODIs and 1 in Tests. He was the youngest skipper in Zimbabwe’s cricket history, but had to flee the country after protesting against then dictator Mugabe. He was a right-arm medium paced bowler, and had a great career cut short due to political tentions.


3. Syed Kirmani (India)

Syed Kirmani was one of the finest wicket-keepers in Indian history. He did not make any error whatsoever in the famous Test series against England, where 1,964 runs were amassed between the two teams. Kirmani was a tricky dodgy batsman, and once built a legendary 9th-wicket partnership with Sunil Gavaskar. Kirmani took a single wicket in Test cricket.

4. MS Dhoni (India)

What can this man not do? The legendary MS Dhoni regarded by many as one of the greatest leaders in the history of cricket. Most cricket fans know that Dhoni loves bowling, and never missed a chance to bowl in the nets as well. However it came as a surprise to many when Mahi decided to take up bowling duties in a match against West Indies. He bowled a medium paced ball to Travis Dowlin, and got his wicket as West Indies crumbled easily. The crowd roared in appreciation as the beloved skipper took his first and only wicket in international cricket.

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