3 cricket stars who got into trouble after their conversations got leaked

3 cricket stars who got into trouble after their conversations got leaked

Stardom isn’t all easy fame and glory. If not handled with care and subtleness, it can backfire quite bad, just like it did in the case of these 3 cricketers.

Lets take a look at 3 cricketers who got into serious trouble after their online conversations got leaked.

3. Mohammad Shami (India)

mohammad shami

Indian pacer Mohammed Shami, in a recent video session with national teammate Rohit Sharma, opened about how he attempted suicide multiple times during a difficult 2017-18 period.

Things went from bad to worse for the Bengal speedster when his spouse Hasin Jahan went public with accusations against Shami of having multiple extra-marital affairs. In order to prove her allegations, she also released several screenshots of Shami’s alleged conversations with other women. That was not it. Jahan would then go on to accuse Shami of domestic violence, rape, attempted murder, adultery, and also of match-fixing.

The shocking allegations almost killed Shami’s reputation beyond repair, with the BCCI soon withholding his annual contract. Later, the Anti-Corruption Unit of the BCCI cleared Shami of the match-fixing allegations.

Post the crisis, Shami went on to sensationally revive his career and is now a serious member of a potent Indian bowling lineup.

2. Imam Ul Haq (Pakistan)

imam ul haq

2019 wasn’t the best of years for Pakistan’s young batting prodigy, Imam Ul Haq, both on and off the field.

After having suffered from lack of form in a forgettable 2019 World Cup, Imam landed himself in a lot of trouble when multiple girls took to Instagram and Twitter to leak screenshots of their conversation with the left-hander, accusing him of using his fanbase to exploit them. The ladies accused Imam of having a relationship with all of them concurrently.

Some time later, Imam came forward and apologized for his inappropriate behavior. He was let off by the Pakistan Cricket Board [PCB] after a proper warning.

3. Alex Hepburn (Australia)

alex hepburn

Alex Hepburn, an Australian born cricketer, had shifted to England at the age of 17 to pursue his dream of one day becoming a top-notch International cricketer. He had even landed a contract for himself with Worcestershire but in November 2017, his world came crashing down when he was charged with two counts of rape.

When the 2019 trial took place, Hepburn was released from one of those charges. He was, however, convicted of committing rape on one girl, at the time when she was dozing in his flat with his then-teammate Joe Clarke.

The girl revealed to the jury that she thought she was having sex with Joe Clarke following their meeting at a nightclub. She then realized that she had been raped by Hepburn after he spoke in an Aussie accent.

Amidst all this, Hepburn was dealt with another body blow when some of the online chats where he was bragging about the number of women he’d slept with, were leaked.

Hepburn also admitted to having taken part in a sex game which led to him having sexual activities with 20 women. He also admitted to being a part of a Whatsapp group where women were rated by men.

Hepburn was sentenced to five years of imprisonment and was also placed in the sex offenders register for life

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