10 Most Lazy and Slow Cricketers of All Time – Any Favorites in this list?

Who said sportsmen cannot be lazy and still make a shitload of money? Today we will look at 10 cricket players who regardless of their immense talents, will be remembered for being a tad bit too lazy on the field. All of this is ofcourse is in good fun and for comical purposes only!

1. Chris Gayle (West Indies)


He maybe one of the greatest six hitters of all time, but Chris Gayle has also been known throughout his career as a sluggish personality on the field. Not only is Gayle extremely slow between the wickets, Gayle is also one of the least productive fielders in the team.

2. Mohammad Shahzad (Afghanistan)

Mohammad Shahzad

Its almost impossible to disagree with Mohammad Shahzad’s name being on this list. Despite being in top form over the last few years, Shahzad missed out on the 2019 World Cup due to fitness issues. His exclusion from the side created a widespread controversy in the country, however, we all know how crucial a role physical fitness plays in todays day and age.

Despite being one of the highest run-getters in Afghanistans history, Shahzad was always going to find it hard to keep his place in the team with the level of fitness he possessed.

3. Virender Sehwag (India)

sehwag cricket

Sehwag’s name would surely go down as one of the deadliest openers the game has ever seen. He started his illustrious cricket career as a rapid-fire fielder, moving all over the place in no time. However, as his age got to him, Sehwag slowed down on the field dramatically and his movement between the sticks kept getting worse and wose.

With age, Sehwag’s fitness issues became quite evident, particularly towards the end of his career. Pundits believe his amazing career could have been 2-3 years longer, had veteran opener focused more on his fitness level.

4. Inzamam-Ul-Haq (Pakistan)

inzamam ul haq cricket

90s kids would remember the legendary Inzamam as the laziest cricketer on the field. The iconic world cup winning Pakistani batsman gained alot of weight in the early 2000s. Inzi ran himself out a shocking 38 times, which is the most by any Pakistani. Wasim Akram shares the record with his former teammate.

5. Arjuna Ranatunga (Sri Lanka)

Arjuna Ranatunga cricket

Another one of those cases of careers getting cut short due to inadequate fitness levels. Ranatunga will forever be remembered as a former World Champion, leading Sri Lanka to glory in the 1996 world cup. However, those who followed cricket during that era would know why the Sri Lankan legend made it to this list.

Ranatunga’s overweight physique made it very hard for him to maintain the levels of fitness required on the International stage.

6. Rohit Sharma (India)

rohit sharma

He may be one of the most talented batsman India has ever produced, but many cricket pundits use the term “lazy elegance” with Rohit Sharma. It not only perfectly describes his attitude, but also his style of play with the bat.

7. Sarfaraz Ahmed (Pakistan)

sarfaraz ahmed

Sarfaraz Ahmed had to make this list, no!? That famous yawn of his ended up being one of the most popular cricket memes in Social Media history. However, Sarfaraz doesn’t make this list based on just that one incident. The former Pakistan skipper isn’t the fastest wicket keeper in the world and has missed some sitters while keeping against spin bowlers.

Sarfaraz however, has worked on his fitness in recent months and looks leaner and fitter heading into the 5th edition of the PSL.

8. Thisara Perera (Sri Lanka)

thisara perera

Despite working tirelessly on cutting down all that excess body fat, Perera failed to achieve great fitness and that problem has impacted his progress over the years. The tail-blazing Sri Lankan all-rounder has shown some promising patches throuhgout his career but his lack of fitness has kept him from achieving the levels of consistency he would have wanted.

9. Samit Patel (England)

samit patel

Kevin Pietersen called him “unfit, fat and lazy” while praising his talents as a spinner. Samit Patel doesn’t exactly look very much like a sportsman does he? Hence a place on this list.

10. Munaf Patel (India)

munaf patel

Remember Munaf? The Indian speedster showed a lot of promise during the initial stages of his career, however his slow movement was always an issue in the field. His fitness issues led to a series of injuries which further hampered his progress as a fast bowler.

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